Lost Stock – the Company Supporting Fashion Workers in Bangladesh During the Coronavirus

Lost Stock is on a mission solve fashion's biggest challenges during the coronavirus. Buy a box of clothes, support a Bangladeshi garment worker and their family for a week. Read on for how.

Why the Fashion Industry Needs to Adopt Earth Logic

The Earth Logic: Fashion Research Action Plan is a robust strategy for a sustainable fashion industry that puts planet over profit. Read on for how Kate Fletcher & Mathilde Tham are paving the way in reimagining what the future of fashion looks like for environmental and societal prosperity.

Meet PlantSavers – the Company Saving Millions of Plants for UK Gardeners During Lockdown

Meet PlantSavers, the innovative company delivering surplus plants to Britons under lockdown. Coronavirus has caused the collapse of garden centres across the UK, meaning millions of plants are at risk of going to waste. Read on for how PlantSavers have created a sustainable solution.

S & S Decoded: Fabric Innovation – the Future of Fashion

Behold - the materials revolution. This S & S Decoded explores the need for fabric innovation to address sustainability challenges, the current appetite amongst the industry as well as deconstructing technical processes. It presents compelling case studies and a brief overview of how newly constructed textiles are advancing wearable technology to align to our digital lifestyles. Finally, it analyses the future of this arena and potential to decimate opportunities amongst the leading industry players to catalyse radical transformation.

S & S Decoded: The Fashion Rental Market

The fashion industry is shunning a linear model of take, make, waste for a new landscape that embraces rental business models and a shared economy. Find out how the rental services work, why we need them and if they are truly sustainable.

S & S Spotlight: Outland Denim

Outland is a brand that dares to dream the possibilities of denim. Through empowerment, sustainability and transparency, founder James Bartle and his dedicated team deliver denim that seeks to eliminate poverty. Read on for what I learnt when I met with the sustainable denim pioneers.

S & S Decoded: Sustainability & Sequins – A Not So Ethical Embellishment

Originally published via Fashion Rountable, this article explores the sustainability behind sequins. This not so ethical embellishment has a destructive impact on the environment & social implications, read on for the full analysis.

S & S Decoded: Sustainable Cities & the Built Environment

The paradigm shift to sustainability requires a fundamental transformation in the way in which we inhabit spaces across the world. This article explores the inherent need to adopt biophilic design, the criteria and metrics of sustainable cities as well architectural strategies that mitigate negative environmental impacts and carefully considers systems to provide sustainable solutions.

S & S In Brief: Sustainability Highlights at Paris Fashion Week

The home of fashion, Paris sustainability highlights are nothing short of excitement. Featuring Stella McCartney's sustainable solution to faux fur Koba and Dior's runway/pluralistic gardens planting for the future.