S & S News: The Week in Highlights 05.10.2019

From better business initiatives, animal extinction and the pursuit of clean air check out this week's featured news. S & S News: The Week in Highlights shares a collection of current articles, reports and stories that are newsworthy in the realm of sustainability, social responsibility and beyond. Feature promise: Absolutely no fake news.

S & S In Brief: Sustainability Highlights at Paris Fashion Week

The home of fashion, Paris sustainability highlights are nothing short of excitement. Featuring Stella McCartney's sustainable solution to faux fur Koba and Dior's runway/pluralistic gardens planting for the future.

S & S News: The Week in Highlights – 27.04.2019

The week in highlights is far from a quiet week for the news briefing. From fashion revolution week, Extinction Rebellion, the power of Greta's rhetoric as well as pieces on wildlife and food, take a read of the latest in the world of sustainability.

S & S In Brief: Earth Day 2019

Today, marks Earth day with a special focus this year on protecting our species. Pioneer of the environmental movement Rachel Carson  in her seminal work Silent Spring, 1962 noted  “In nature, nothing exists alone.” The global decline of our interconnectivity to neighbouring species and eco systems is on a dangerous trajectory impacted by climate change,…