S & S News: The Week in Highlights 22.09.2019

Friday's Global Climate Strike, Clean Energy initiatives, endangered species, dissappearing glaciers, retail updates and highlights from Fashion week are included in this week's sustainability news highlights.

S & S News: The Week in Highlights 03.09.2019

Stepping into September, this week's news includes Greta's arrival in NYC, the aftermath of the Amazon fires, innovation in hospitality and retail strategies moving to sustainable operations. S & S News: The Week in Highlights shares a collection of current articles, reports and stories that are newsworthy in the realm of sustainability, social responsibility and beyond. Feature promise: Absolutely no fake news.

S & S In Brief: The Amazon Rainforest

The July fires in the Amazon Rainforest have sparked global outcry and rightfully so. This S & S In Brief provides a summary of why we need this green eco system, its bountiful nature, the accelerated rate of danger but most crucially the actions we can undertake to battle against the power of Bolsanaro’s lack of environmental agenda.