S & S Decoded: Fabric Innovation – the Future of Fashion

Behold - the materials revolution. This S & S Decoded explores the need for fabric innovation to address sustainability challenges, the current appetite amongst the industry as well as deconstructing technical processes. It presents compelling case studies and a brief overview of how newly constructed textiles are advancing wearable technology to align to our digital lifestyles. Finally, it analyses the future of this arena and potential to decimate opportunities amongst the leading industry players to catalyse radical transformation.

Labour Behind The Label – An Exploration of Modern Slavery & Human Rights

Let us be clear, nobody wants to buy something that was made by exploiting someone else. We are currently experiencing a paradigm shift towards sustainability and the pursuit of ethical living but what does this mean for Modern Human Rights? Looking to labour behind the label of global production network I uncover the status quo on the worlds labour supply, the need to drive corporate social responsibility and champion ethical businesses.

S & S Decoded: The Fashion Rental Market

The fashion industry is shunning a linear model of take, make, waste for a new landscape that embraces rental business models and a shared economy. Find out how the rental services work, why we need them and if they are truly sustainable.

S & S Spotlight: Outland Denim

Outland is a brand that dares to dream the possibilities of denim. Through empowerment, sustainability and transparency, founder James Bartle and his dedicated team deliver denim that seeks to eliminate poverty. Read on for what I learnt when I met with the sustainable denim pioneers.

S & S Decoded: Sustainability & Sequins – A Not So Ethical Embellishment

Originally published via Fashion Rountable, this article explores the sustainability behind sequins. This not so ethical embellishment has a destructive impact on the environment & social implications, read on for the full analysis.

S & S In Review: Vivo Barefoot

Light on the feet & light on the environment, Vivobarefoot offer sustainable shoes for those with an affinity to outdoor pursuits. I teamed up with the brand to test their Primus Knit Lux. Read more about their mission and my thoughts.

S & S Decoded: Blockchain & Sustainability

This S & S decoded feature seeks to deconstruct the need for blockchain to enhance transparency to drive sustainable development. It uncovers the mechanisms behind how it works, the benefits, the challenges and the most common methods it is used for across industries. By providing examples of blockchain in action, I have sought to illustrate the power of the technology as an instrument to better the planet, people and drive both tangible and intangible value for companies.

S & S Opinion: Buy Nothing New Black Friday – A New Era of Ethical Consumerism?

This article explores the promotional pandemonium that is Black Friday as an antithesis of sustainable consumption. It examines a new wave of business models by ethical brands & how it is being used to forward CSR & sustainability strategies in retail.

S & S Decoded: Fashion Returns & Reverse Logistics

Exploring the scale of fashion returns and reverse logistics, this article delves into the status quo on returns, the lack of sustainability around this shopping habit and its effect on businesses and the planet.