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Welcome to Sustainable & Social – a curated and dedicated platform for the sustainably curious. Talking the tangible and intangible value of sustainability for the world and its stakeholders is at the heart of S & S.

As a bi-product of my MSc in Intl Business & Management and adventures over recent years, I now more than ever contemplate the world we inhabit and how our actions impact the environment, our society and future generations.

MISSION – Our planet is ebbing towards a crucial tipping point, and every moment is invaluable in achieving sustainable development. Whilst there is a slight visceral element of romanticism in purpose, I felt the compulsion to share how all of our incremental changes as humans/consumers/voters can amass to something powerful in the pursuit of change! Equally, I want to promote active citizenship as a call to action for those in positions of power at an international and global level to make the urgent shifts in policy required.

Content shared via the site and on social channels (@sustainableandsocial) spans sustainability news, business and management features, green economics, lifestyle, apparel, food, media, beauty and everything in between! Some weeks it may be deconstructing carbon trade policies or socially responsible investing, others it may be uncovering the circularity practices of our most beloved brands or simply reviewing an eco-hotel or delicious dining establishment with a sustainable and socially responsible ethos!

S & S is intended with the sole purpose to provide enlightening, enjoyable and digestible content with rhetoric that is void of preaching in any capacity. I only write about things I believe in.

All comments, opinions and discussions are welcome.

Amy. X

A Note On The Author

Amy is currently based in the United Kingdom as a sustainability commentator. She has gained professional experience working in the luxury beauty industry in various roles including buying, business development, marketing and communications. She has also spent time working in the branding and corporate communications space.

Amy holds an MSc in International Business & Management specialising in sustainability, corporate social responsibility and global value chains which she gained from Universita Bocconi, Milan and Alliance Manchester Business School. Her MSc thesis focussed specifically on fashion and textile global value chains within Italy and China. Prior to this, she gained a BA in History at the University of Nottingham with a focus on colonialism, environmental history and the history of medicine.

Outside of sustainability, Amy is passionate about exploring the world and dedicates her time to discovering other cultures, cuisines and communities. She is an avid fashion enthusiast, regularly contributing to Fashion Roundtable, an organisation that focuses on policy and bridges the gap between the fashion front row and the Parliamentary front bench in bringing sustainable fashion issues to the forefront of the UK’s political agenda. You can read Amy’s work published in Culture Trip, Happiful Magazine & Be Kind Magazine. Amy’s belief in the power of technology is highlighted by her involvement as a founding member of Nu Wardrobe, an app that is pioneering and championing the shared economy to promote sustainable fashion. She has appeared on Radio 4 discussing mental health, political affairs and history. You can listen to Amy’s podcast with Reaction talking about the sustainable development goals soon, available here.

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