Sustainable Podcast Playlist: June Picks

As a self-diagnosed podcast addict, I’m hungry for this millennial form of media like an Ottolenghi buffet so here is the latest S & S Podcast Playlist. A monthly healthy dose of the definitive sustainable sounds you need to devour during your daily walk or evening wind down.

Whilst we are half way through what has been QUITE the unpredictable year, if one thing remains constant, it’s the stream of podcasts that keep us on our toes. This month’s edit includes episodes that consider longer term thinking on innovation, tree planting, biodiversity, the future of the human species and the direction of renewable energy. The How I Built this episode with Allbirds founders shares insights into the organisational challenges of this $1.4 billion sustainable shoe company.

So Hot Right Now – An Optimism Workout with Christiana Figueres

BBC Radio 4 Costing the Earth – Forests of the Future

Outrage and Optimism – Yuval Noah Harari on the History of Our Future 

Redefining Energy – The Other Elon Musk 

Wardrobe Crisis – Fashion & Biodiversity with Kering’s Helen Crowley 

Joe Rogan Experience – Elon Musk (NEW MAY INTERVIEW)

The Minimalists Podcast – Neo Minimalism 

Edie Podcast – The S in ESG, Corporate Social Responsibilities

What On Earth – Where Are All The Bees? 

How I Built This – Allbirds with Tim Brown & Joey Zwillinger

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