S & S Podcast Playlist: April Picks

As a self diagnosed podcast addict, I’m hungry for this milllenial form of media like an Ottolenghi buffet so here is the latest April S & S Podcast Playlist. A monthly healthy dose of the definitive sustainable sounds you need to devour during your daily commute, gym session or evening wind down.

Spring is in bloom and here is a selection of eleven virus/pandemic free listens for a little escapism!

This includes the collaboration between S & S and Reaction by Homethings where Lois Mills, Brand Manager at Homethings (launching 4th May) and I discuss:

📈A decoded on the who, what, when, where, why of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals 

🌍The power of international policy to guide change i.e tax carbon 

🚨 Why does our government reject proposals from the environmental audit committee 

🚨 & how can they commit to net zero by 2050 but freeze fossil fuel duties in the upcoming budget?

💵 The influence of business as a force for good 

💪🏽What we can do as consumers to navigate the climate situ (in food, fashion, beauty) 

📚 Education as a tool for cutting through green washing

April listens:

Word of Mouth – Communicating Climate Change 

Business of Fashion – Women Are at the Forefront of the Sustainable Fashion Revolution 

Wardrobe Crisis – The Upcyclers

McKinsey & Co – An executive’s guide to the global energy system 

Today in Focus – Peak Meat – Is veganism the future? 

BBC Radio 4 – Eco Homes Now 

The Sustainability Agenda – Interview with Naomi Klein 

Ted Radio Hour – Climate Crisis 

Green Beauty Conversations – Do You Know Your Beauty Miles? 

Deliciously Ella – Reframing Our Thinking – How to Believe Good Things Can Happen 

Reaction by Homethings – Sustainable & Social – Sustainable Development Goals

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