S & S In Review: Vivo Barefoot

At A Glance

Sustainable shoes have become synonymous with ethical fashion choices.

If you’ve read my top picks for sustainable sneakers you will have seen my mention of Vivo barefoot.

As can be deduced from the name, these soles are intended for an explorer that enjoys light footwear and a light impact on the environment. Their mission is to sell sneakers with zero bio mechanical interference with a zero impact. Undoubtedly designed for those that enjoy the outdoor pursuits activities they have developed their own materials including eco suede, eco mesh and eco canvas for a circular future and embracing transparent supply chains. Vivo Barefoot have set fantastically ambitious targets to use 90% sustainable materials across their entire product range by 2020.

In Focus

I teamed up with Vivobarefoot to review and put their Primus Knit Lux shoes to the test!  

Their core principles surround the below:

  • Wear your sustainability statement on your feet – they do this by constantly innovating by using earth conscious materials. This ranges from PET bottles to specially harvested algae and ethically sourced leather. Their aim for 2021 is to only use recycled, natural and biosynthetic materials.
  • Wear more rubbish – giving waste a second life in our shoes to prevent them entering landfill and our oceans to reduce the environmental impact. They are making moves towards circularity within their business model.  
  • Their belief that nature has the best technology – the range consists of renewable materials for a durable shoe. Whether its water resistance, recyclability and ease on the planet to reduce chemical usage.
  • Plant based shoes – many of their models are created with bio-based polymers to reduce their production reliance on petroleum-based materials.

Features of the Primus Knit Lux:

  • Signature 3mm barefoot sole for maximum sensory feedback and minimum interference.
  • Premium Knitted sock with leather panelling, recycled RPET heel lining and lace.
  • A leather footbed for year round comfort.
  • Algae Bloom Performance Insole.

My thoughts

Worn in various terrain on my recent Asian adventure, these trainers feel like slippers. Lightweight yet sturdy and perfect for day excursions. Whether you are city strolling, climbing or taking a trip to the gym, if you’re looking for a sustainable shoe that’s not too heavy but trustworthy for outdoor pursuits, this is the pair for you.

These pair of sustainable soles RRP£140 and can be purchased here.

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