S & S News: The Week in Highlights 21.11.2019

S & S News: The Week in Highlights shares a collection of current articles, reports and stories that are newsworthy in the realm of sustainability, social responsibility and beyond. Feature promise: Absolutely no fake news.

The sustainability highlights this week begins with the European Investment bank announcing the end to its financing of oil, gas and coal projects after 2021.

Attention falls to the timber/forestry industry as only 8% of forestry suppliers have a plan for keeping forced labour out of supply chains.

Tetrapak makes material advanced by creating a fully traceable plant-based polymers from sugarcane-derived bioethanol which will be available as 2020 for brands.

Time for some budget winter sun as EasyJet pledges £25million annually to offset all flights in bid to become the first zero carbon airline.

Meanwhile supposed minimalist Marie Kondo sparks confusion/hypocrisy rather than joy as she launches her new home online store.

In beauty, conglomerate Estee Lauder signs a major wind power deal which will supply over half of its electricity needs.  

In fashion, Gucci boss challenges fellow CEOs to roll out supply chain offset schemes whilst Prada becomes the first luxury brand to sign a sustainability-linked loan, which means it will lose out financially if it doesn’t deliver on its green targets.

Meanwhile in mass market fashion, Syrian refugees are being enslaved in fashion supply chains close to home in Turkey. Check your labels people.

India, Choking on Toxic Air, Tries Something New: An Oxygen Bar via NY Times


European Investment Bank to phase out fossil fuel financing via Guardian


Fossil fuel production on track for double the safe climate limit via Guardian


Brands urged to act on treatment of refugee workers


Prada’ Sustainability Initiative via Vogue


Spending on trees in UK falls despite pledges to plant more via Guardian


Naples Sweatshop Linked to Luxury Groups via BOF


Less than 8% of forestry suppliers have a plan for keeping forced labor out of supply chains via Supply Chain Dive


Plastic substitute from fish waste hauls in Dyson award for UK designer via Guardian


Marie Kondo sparks confusion with new online store via Retail Gazette


Shell to support Europe’s first sustainable aviation fuel plant via Greenbiz


Gucci boss challenges CEOs to roll out supply chain offset schemes via Business Green


Estée Lauder gives energy supply a face lift with major wind power deal via Business Green


Plant-based packaging: Tetra Pak unveils newly certified sugarcane cartons via Business Green


EasyJet promises to offset all flights in bid to become first zero carbon airline via Business Green


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