S & S In Brief: Climate to influence voters in UK General Election


Are you ready to rock the vote or suffering from a severe case of electile disfunction ahead of December 12th? 

Whilst the drama of the UK’s political landscape could make for a Netflix series, climate issues are increasing on voters agenda. 

In a poll conducted by Environmental lawyers ClientEarth results revealed: 

🗳 Over 50% of people say climate change will influence how they vote in the GE

🗳 63% of people believe politicians are not discussing the issue of climate change enough in the run up to the next national vote

🗳7/10 people think the climate emergency demands swifter action.

🗳58% say the government is not doing enough on the issue

🗳There is pressure on investors, with  59% believing financial institutions/ banks should no longer invest in fossil fuels.

🗳55% expect their own pension/ other investment funds to avoid fossil fuel projects that contribute to global warming

🗳61% wanted to see the gov do more to drive the use of low-emission vehicles such as electric cars

🗳Priorities for legislation included: limit further climate change were planting trees, making homes more energy-efficient & investing more in renewables 

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