S & S News: The Week in Highlights 29.09.2019

S & S News: The Week in Highlights shares a collection of current articles, reports and stories that are newsworthy in the realm of sustainability, social responsibility and beyond. Feature promise: Absolutely no fake news.

News for November begins with Chile’s announcement to terminate its plans to host the Global Climate Summit amidst domestic unrest. A new study reveals rising global seas could affect three times more people by 2050 than previously thought as over 150 million people now living on land will be below the high-tide line. It is also reported that in 2018 EU greenhouse gas emissions fell by 2% in 2018, bringing total reductions since 1990 to 23.2%.

In telecommunications, 02 shares that its e-waste scheme has prevented 450 tonnes going to landfill.

Analysis of Munich’s Oktoberfest reveals the beer festival produces over 10 times as much methane as the city of Boston during the same time period.

Sustainability in consumer goods ramps up a notch as Colgate unveil bamboo toothbrushes, Huggies eliminate plastic from wet wipes and P & G double recycled plastic in household packaging.
Retailers also tackle challenges head on as Lidl passes the 4 million meal milestone in its food waste redistribution initiative as well as committing to installing electric vehicle chargers in 300+ stores. Tesco announces it will cut over 1 billion pieces of plastics from its own range products by the end of 2020.

Finally, Britain’s favourite John Lewis trial their in-store sustainability scheme in their flagship on Oxford circus to incorporate 8 new practices including offering points for the returning beauty product packaging & used clothing, removing 5p plastic bags, reusable click and collect bags, recyclable eco-wrap as well as coat hanger return! Just in time for Christmas!!

O2 e-waste scheme passes three million phone milestone via Business Green


Lidl announces £25m rapid charger investment plan via Business Green


Colgate unveils its brush with sustainable bamboo via Business Green


Tiniest Footprint: Huggies to eliminate plastic from wet wipes via Business Green


Cleaning up: P&G to double recycled plastic in household product packaging via Business Green


EU greenhouse gas emissions fall two per cent in 2018 via Business Green


John Lewis pilots in-store sustainability scheme via Drapers

Oktoberfest ‘produces 10 times as much methane as Boston’ via The Guaridan


Rising Seas Will Erase More Cities by 2050, New Research Shows via New York Times

Tesco moves to cut out plastic from range of own-brand products via the Guardian


Chile cancels climate and Apec summits amid mass protests via BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-50233678

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