S & S News: The Week in Highlights 30.07.2019

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Politics aside what has been happening in the world of sustainability? The weather across Europe is on steroids with record breaking temperatures. A report finds that 71% of Britons prioritise climate change over Brexit and Paris gets a stern talking to from Greta, who coincidentally features heavily on the latest 1975 track!

As the world anniversaries the Apollo missions, it is revealed these naughty space cadets, left trash on the moon and Sri Lankan authorities find hazardous waste in the UK’s ‘recycling’ cargo.

Renewables are on the up as low-carbon energy generates a majority of 53% of the UK’s electricity for the first time whilst Nissan refuse to meet the government’s requirements on emissions.

In Westminster, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) is launched where MP’s have formed to analyse sustainability in the clothing & textile industries.

In the UK, the Sustainable Restaurant Association unveils their Foodprint programme which aims to increasing conscious dining & propel greener menus in the sector. Unilever’s new CEO Alan Jope hints their brands that fail to articulate a clear social or environmental purpose will be culled.

In fashion, Stella McCartney joins LVMH as they purchase stakes in the house & she becomes sustainability advisor to Bernard Arnault.

Finally, Swiss luxury brand Bally launches ‘Peak’ an eco-initiative, designed to preserve extreme mountain environments where they have partnered with Sherpas in Nepal to clean the world’s highest peak –  1,000 kilos of rubbish have already been removed!

Heatwave: Paris suffers 42.6C hottest day ever as UK temperatures set July record – as it happened via Guardian 


Climate more pressing than Brexit, say 71% of Britons – poll via Guardian


Sri Lanka finds hazardous waste in UK metal recycling cargo via Guardian 


Low-carbon energy makes majority of UK electricity for first time via Guardian


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Swiss luxury brand Bally is on a mission to clean Mount Everest via Vogue Australia


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