S & S News: The Week in Highlights 08.06.2019

The week in highlights features Big Little Lies Season 2 guest appearance as Donald Trump informs Prince Charles the US has a ‘clean climate’ on his state visit to make D-Day commemorations. In Parliament, Chancellor Hammond estimates emissions targets will cost the UK approx. £1 trillion – a small price to pay in the long term. Prior to vacating her position Theresa is set to legally commit the UK to net zero by 2050 whilst Britain is accused of trying to ‘fiddle’ our country’s climate change targets for carrying forward past overperformance.

Whilst the UN condemns air pollution as a violation of human rights, deforestation of the Amazon surges to record levels as in May alone the rainforest lost 739sq km during the 31 days, equivalent to 2 football pitches every minute. On the subject of flora and fauna, turning to Asia, a new Filipino law requires every student to plant 10 trees if they want to graduate. Across the continent, it is reported that Delhi’s rubbish mountain is set to tower higher than the Taj Mahal, definitely not a wonder of the world.

Latest research reveals something fishy in tuna supply chains as there is an 88% chance that it originates from a company that does not conduct due diligence to modern slavery.

Refillable culture hits the British supermarket as Waitrose launches it’s BYOC (Bring your own container scheme) and Unilever launches, Homey, an eco-conscious laundry product.

Finally, France’s fashion elite move to ban the destruction of unsold luxury goods in favour of recycling and a number of American Sephora’s get shut down for diversity training following racial profiling of angel R N B artist SZA.

Climate change: Emissions target could cost UK £1tn, warns Hammond via BBC


Reports: PM to legally commit UK to net zero by 2050 before leaving office via Business Green 


Michael Bloomberg launches $500m campaign to shut US coal plants by 2030 via Business Green https://www.businessgreen.com/bg/news/3077035/michael-bloomberg-launches-usd500m-campaign-to-shut-us-coal-plants-by-2030

Bring your own containers, says Waitrose via BBC 


Air pollution is violation of human rights, says UN via The Times 


People eat at least 50,000 plastic particles a year, study find via Guardian 


UK accused of trying to ‘fiddle’ climate change targets via Financial Times


Deforestation of Brazilian Amazon surges to record high via Guardian 


New Filipino Law Requires Every Student To Plant 10 Trees If They Want To Graduate via Forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/trevornace/2019/05/29/new-filipino-law-requires-every-student-to-plant-10-trees-if-they-want-to-graduate/#81d6c545aeb7

Delhi’s rubbish mountain set to tower higher than the Taj Mahal via the Times


Is There Something Fishy In The Tuna Supply Chain? Via Forbes 


Child labour an ‘extreme risk’ in China, India via Eco Textile 


A staple good to withstand disaster via BBC 


Hey Homey? Unilever launches ‘eco-conscious’ laundry product delivery brand via Business Green https://www.businessgreen.com/bg/news/3076983/hey-homey-unilever-launches-eco-conscious-laundry-product-delivery-brand

France Moves To Ban The Destruction Of Unsold Luxury Goods In Favor Of Recycling via Forbes 


Report Shows Customers Want Responsible Fashion, But Don’t Want To Pay For It. What Should Brands Do? Via Forbes 


Plastic-free coast: 10 seaside communities to visit in the British Isles via Guardian


How Not To Get Discouraged About The Climate via Forbes 


The Public Supports Sustainable Aviation And They’re Willing Pay For It via Forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephenrice1/2019/06/05/the-public-supports-sustainable-aviation-and-they-are-willing-pay-for-it/#54474c667282

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