Sustainable Spring Cleaning: S & S Top Picks

Let’s be honest and real, no one enjoys splashing their hard earned cash on cleaning products – no matter how inspired you may be by re runs of Channel 4’s How Clean is My Home. Mr.Muscle All Purpose, Cif, BANG and the dirt is gone, Surf, Tide etc are all household names for when its time to get scrubbing and down and dirty.

We may like our food, fashion and beauty products ‘free-from’ the nasties but what about our grime and grease removers? Ever accidentally got an excessive amount of bleach on your hands and started to itch and have irritated skin? Whilst most cleaning solutions on the high street are highly effective, the levels of toxicity of chemicals including phthalates and added fragrances are not good for the mind, body or soul. Let it kill your germs but not you! (My run down on chemicals can be found here).

As April is the month of spring cleaning, if you’re looking to overhaul your household products for solutions that are planet and people friendly look no further to get cleaning chemical free. Next time you hit Planet Organic or Whole Foods for your nut butter replenishment, wander to the household aisle and you’ll find many of these!


This brand uses botanical extracts as plant based ingredients to naturally breakdown grease and grime and it sits real pretty on a surface too.


Method’s mission is to do better and look good, with their range spanning home cleaning, washing, laundry and everything in between. Their goal was to create beautiful cleaning products as kind to the planet as they are tough on dirt.

Sales increased by 24.2% to £7.4million 2015 so you can imagine how this looks now with the rise in clean living.


 A UK company that is striving to start a cleaning revolution. It has a clean mantra in every regard; clean business, clean plastic, clean water, clean sourcing, clean ingredients, clean fragrances, clean design and clean manufacturing. Ecover are also not new to the game as they launched their first phosphate free washing powder back in 1979! Their washing caps are also made up of 50% recycled rubbish!

Eco leaf

More non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning goodness. All the extracted plant ingredients are derived from sustainable sources and all items are vegan and cruelty free. A plus of this brand is that you can buy in bulk to reduce the need for further plastic bottles!


Another British smart and safe option similar to all the above. Also worth noting their products are palm oil free, septic tank safe, plant based, animal friendly, safe for acquatic life, with all natural and organic ingredients.

Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner

Ultimate one product does everything purchase from dishes to floors and laundry. It gets it’s grime fighting power from plant based surfactants, natural fir needle and spruce essential oils.  

Every day brands including Wilko are now expanding into this cleaning avenue, they now retail a ‘Doesn’t cost the earth’ range which won’t break the bank and make your bathroom sparkle!  

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